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The Liverpool City Region Civic Data Cooperative (LCR CDC) is a data governance project funded by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority (LCRCA) and hosted by the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool.

We work closely with the public sector, business and academic organisations, including System P and CIPHA. Our collective work aims to create an environment where data can be accessed, linked and analysed securely for the benefit of society, and provide guidance to researchers, industry experts, and the public in relation to data use.

Our role is to connect organisations, and citizens, in our region to appropriate data in order to help improve service delivery and solve big problems. We want to create a vibrant, internationally visible, civic data environment which will enable residents’ data to work harder for them to shape better care and fuel globally important innovations from the Liverpool City Region. Based on a collaborative, transparent and inclusive approach to governance, the Civic Data Cooperative will support people and organisations to:

  • Understand and act on the insights from civic data
  • Provide innovative solutions to real-life problems
  • Facilitate access to open sources of civic data
  • Test models for ethical, inclusive use of health data

Through this collaborative process, we believe we can encourage positive health and well-being changes across the Liverpool City Region.

Black Lives Matter, prominent graffiti Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. Picture by Gareth Jones.
Black Lives Matter, prominent graffiti Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool. Picture by Gareth Jones.

Our Mission

Enable positive change in health and wellbeing through data and cooperation.

Our values

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Community-led data decision-making

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Purposeful work that makes a difference

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Constant development through informed research

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Well-considered data decisions

Meet the Team

Gary Leeming


Prof. Iain Buchan

Principal Investigator

Claire Smith

Programme Manager

Eleanor Fielding

Programme Manager

Rachel Thompson

Programme Manager

David Salac

Senior Data Engineer

Emily Rempel

Public Participation Manager

Kaya Dougherty-Cain

Team Administrator

Chantelle Murphy

Project Support Officer

Gianfranco Polizzi

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Christopher Cheyne

Senior Research Fellow

Emma Lo

Project Manager

Our partners

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