What's Your Problem

By better understanding the public sector’s biggest challenges, we can better design new products and services that meet them, together. The “What’s Your Problem?” programme brings together businesses and specialists to explore and develop more fit-for-purpose solutions.

Community SME Engagement

The ’What’s Your Problem’ programme is specifically designed to remove barriers between all the those involved in health, care and community product and service design, creating the space to find solutions that truly work.

Over the last few years, we’ve had lots of conversations with businesses, third sector organisations and Public Sector leads across LCR. Those we spoke to told us that finding the right support to develop new ideas can be hard. Through our conversations with local businesses, frontline workers, voluntary organisations, and public sector leads, we’ve learned of the difficulties you face in getting new ideas off the ground; not fully understanding the problem at hand, lacking external support to take concepts to the next level and disparity in working cultures between different sectors – these all act as challenging obstacles in making change.

Building Bridges: Addressing Market Gaps and Public Sector Challenges

We’ve really thought about what people had to say and What’s Your Problem has been designed to focus on two things:

  • Spending time opening doors between sectors and really pulling apart some of those market gaps, together.
  • Delving into some of the key challenges Public Sector colleagues face, so that innovators have solid ground and insight for new product and service development.

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What’s Your Problem 2022 – Our flagship programme focused on children in care, childhood asthma and digitalising public services

What’s Your Problem 2023 – The second iteration shone a spotlight on student and men’s mental health


What’s Your Problem 2024


What’s Your Problem 2024 will focus on the potential of interconnected, open data systems throughout the LCR to drive intelligence-led thinking and foster data innovation for SMEs.

Our aim is to bring together civic organizations from across the LCR to delve into discussions about strengths, weaknesses, and potential innovation opportunities. Additionally, we’ll establish fundamental principles of best practices .

These initiatives endeavour to integrate or access data across various civic organisations within the LCR and beyond, such as the Fire Service, NHS, Local Authorities, the Combined Authority,
universities, and service providers.

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Contact us to learn more about the next stages of What’s your Problem, email us at cdc.info@liverpool.ac.uk

or our partners at Sara.Chattun@thisiscapacity.co.uk